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below are some sound clips from an NIMBAYA! live performance. to save to your computer, right click on the file name and choose “save target as”.

Music sound clip #1   -   Music sound clip #2   -   Music sound clip #3


Previews 2007

Musica Del Mondo Article January 18 2007

NPR radio Washington preview March 2007

Boston Globe preview March 1 2007

Toronto Star preview September 20 2007

Winnipeg Free Press preview October 2 2007

Nashville Tennessean preview October 21 2007


Reviews 2007

Hammond School review January 22 2007

“… the women teased and played with the audience as they drummed with intensity and power.”  Washington Informer review February 22 2007

Amazones Residency at Brandeis University Boston:

Brandeis University Concert Preview February 2007
Brandeis University Program February 2007
The Brandeis Reporter Preview February 2007
The Brandeis Reporter Review March 2007
Brandeis University Residency Review March 2007
Brandeis University School Students Review March 2007

The Boston Tribune Review 1 March 4 2007

The Boston Tribune Review 2 March 4 2007

“Nine women play the djembe drums and dance with such intense energy that headbands and ankle-beads fly off their bodies.”
Edge Boston review March 5 2007

“It's an unforgettable experience.” The Justice review March 6 2007

 “The energy, passion, and skill exhibited from the stage was incredible, and the audience reciprocated with its enthusiasm.” review April 2 2007

USA Today review on New Orleans Jazz Fest April 30 2007

“Other highlights far from the main stages: Amazones, a dynamic troupe of women drummers…”
Rolling Stone review on New Orleans Jazz Fest May 2 2007

 “a clear highlight and discovery…”  Spinner review on New Orleans Jazz & Amazones May 8 2007

“the best set I hear all day.” New Orleans Nation Blog review May 9 2007

“great African drumming,” The Wire review on New Orleans Jazz Fest May 9 2007

Brussels News story July 19 2007

“Another favorite act…” Lotus Festival blog review September 28 2007


Audio 2007

Calgary Interview: CBC Alberta Radio Interview

Winnipeg Interview: CBC Manitoba Radio Interview


Video 2007

San Antonio Express review on Houston Festival April 22 2007    video

Amazones on April 22 2007

Amazones au Telejournal Radio-Canada Manitoba 4 oct 2007

Festival Musique Bout du Monde Gaspe Qc Promo video


Photos 2007

Previews 2006

La Presse Montreal QC preview 17 juillet 2006

Le Devoir Montreal QC preview 19 juillet 2006

The Gazette Montreal QC preview July 20 2006

Le Soleil Quebec QC preview 14 aout 2006 page 1  page 2

“The hit of Montreal's Nuits d'Afrique Festival in July.” 
Ottawa Express preview August 17 2006

Voir Ottawa preview August 17 2006

Le Droit Ottawa preview 18 aout 2006


Reviews 2006

“… franchement enlevants.” La Presse Montreal QC critique 22 juillet 2006

“Fascinantes Amazones !” Le Quotidien Chicoutimi QC critique 6 aout 2006

“Les musiciennes d’Amazones ont fait chavirer la foule…”  
Le Soleil Quebec QC critique 18 aout 2006


Audio 2006

RFI avec Benson Diakite 30 septembre 2006


Photos 2006

Slideshow from

Previews 2004

UCLA Pasadena preview October 2004

Washington University St.Louis preview October 2004

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