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New partnership NIMBAYA!-COLUMBIA COLLEGE, Columbia, South Carolina.
The women of NIMBAYA! West African Drumming and Dance Company (formerly known as AMAZONES WOMEN’S MASTER DRUMMERS OF GUINEA) and the women of Columbia College in South Carolina are working towards a partnership dedicated to celebrating and strengthening commitment to social justice as the foundation of a successful society.  This partnership uses music, dance, and education to empower thousands of people young and old to understand and embrace their individual and societal rights, to make their voices for equality heard, and to expand their cultural literacy.
What makes the work of NIMBAYA! in partnership with Columbia College so impactful is the shared opportunity we create in the name of social justice missions.   Columbia College is located in South Carolina, the state that ranks first in the country in the number of women killed by men.  The neighborhood surrounding the College mirrors the state’s very high levels of poverty, abuse and violence.  A partnership between NIMBAYA! and Columbia College could help many people living in poverty understand and embrace their individual and societal rights, while enriching students and community members through the story of our drummers courageous commitment to freedom and exposure to the culture of West Africa.

The dance program at CC is a cutting-edge, Contemporary dance-based program with a focus on choreography, performance, teaching, and advocacy. The CC dance program is exemplary for its progressive values with a curriculum deeply committed to social justice and with faculty who nurture and encourage all women to generate, investigate, and articulate a unique artistry through dance. Through creating an all-inclusive and non-competitive community where any student who wishes to attempt a Bachelor of Arts in Dance has the option, enrollment becomes completely open, and diversity is manifested. This philosophy is one of the main reasons why NIMBAYA! is pursuing this partnership.

Coming soon a new documentary on NIMBAYA! in tittle: "Beating the Odds" Filmed by Columbia College students, please stay tuned!!!


NIMBAYA! From December 2010 to January of 2011, Mamoudou Conde, founding Director of the group, was in Conakry (Guinea) recording a new CD of the group in collaboration with French-Chilean  group Sueno en la Fabrica, and shooting a documentary film about the women of NIMBAYA!’s wish to eradicate FGM.  The group is now preparing for their 2011-2013 tour in Europe and North America.


NIMBAYA! De décembre 2010 à Janvier 2011, Mamoudou Condé, fondateur et directeur du groupe, était en voyage à Conakry (Guinée) pour l’enregistrement d’un CD en collaboration avec le groupe Franco-Chilienne,  Sueno en la Fabrica, et pour l’enregistrement d’un documentaire sur les artistes de NIMBAYA! Et leur désir de combattre les MGF.  Le groupe prépare actuellement sa tournée 2011-2013 en Europe et en Amérique du Nord.


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